Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr


By Dr. Discipline

Tuesday December 19, 2778

"Where are we going?" I asked.

Mom zipped up my coat. "To the mall. I need to pick up a few things. But first we are going to go and pick up Mary at her friend's house."

I groaned. I really didn't like going to the mall. Every time I had gone to the mall I found myself getting spanked in one way or another. And it was so boring! I had to stand still and quiet while mom looked at racks of stupid clothes and other dumb things.

"Well, I can always drop you off at DZ if you don't want to come with me."

"Uhh, that's okay mom, I'll stay with you"

"Me too" Jessica added.

Mom bundled us into the car and we drove off. When we pulled up to the house Mary stayed at, a woman came out to greet mom in the driveway. They exchanged quiet words for a minute and then mom got out of the car, let Jessica and I out and we all went into the house.

Jessica and I were told to sit in the living room and watch a bit of holo while the adults talked. We quietly obeyed and sat on the floor watching a cartoon together. Mom was talking with Adrian (Mary's friend's mom) for about five minutes and then I saw mom and Mary come out from the kitchen together.

I had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Mom was walking and she was pulling Mary by the earlobe into the living room. Mary was crying and she was visibly scared. Mom stopped right in front of Jessica and I.

"Seth, Jessica, Mary has something to say to you."

We looked at Mary, into her tear-streaked eyes. She quickly bawled something unintelligible. I looked up at mom quizzically.

"I don't think they understood you Mary, try again." Mom looked very angry.

Mary let out a sob and tried again. This time I did understand her.

"I'm sorry!" she cried. "I wreaked the cornerstool and I lied when I was asked about it. I blamed it all on you guys."

Mary continued her incoherent blubbering while Jessica and I looked at each other in disbelief. We knew that Mary didn't really like us, but to go and actually set us up for punishment... We shook our heads in disbelief.

Mom ordered Mary to get her shoes and coat on so we could go to the mall. "I have things to do and I'm not going to let a spoiled voluntaras brat ruin my plans" she said.

We left after Mary bid a tearful farewell to her friend and hostess then we got in the car for the drive to the mall. The only sound was Mary sobbing quietly. Jessica and I were still too stunned to say anything and mom looked really tense.

When we got to the mall, the first place we headed was the main department store, and more specifically the punishment accessory section where you could buy anything from paddles to pain-ties. Mom dragged Mary by the wrist with Jessica and I in tow.

Mom sat on a bench, yanked Mary across her lap and flipped up her skirt. A sales clerk came up to mom as she was baring Mary's bottom.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes" mom replied. "You can bring me a bumblebee paddle."

"Sure thing, how old is she?"

"She's 11" mom answered. "But I want a medium grade paddle for a 12-year-old."

"I'll be right back."

Mom raised her palm and brought it down on Mary's bare rump. Mary started crying as the palm came down over and over. Jessica and I watched in rapt interest as Mary's bottom turned pink.

The sales lady returned and offered mom the requested paddle. It was about 30 cm long and two rows of holes drilled in its surface. Mary looked over her shoulder and when she saw the paddle her eyes filled with dread.

Mom raised the paddle high and brought it down full-force on Mary's bum. My sister's bawling went up several notches as mom brought the paddle down over and over. A crowd was gathering around to watch mom discipline Mary.

After just a few minutes of spanking, mom let Mary up. Mary started hopping around and rubbing her bottom. The bumblebee paddle was just starting to blister Mary's bum. The crowd started to murmur louder as they caught a glimpse of Mary's voluntaras emblazoned hands. Mom heard some of the comments and addressed the people.

"She set up her penitatas brother and sister to get punished for something she did" mom explained. She caused them both to get soundly spanked and she lied to me. My other two have enough to worry about without this selfish little manipulator getting them into more trouble."

Mary finished jumping around and hung her head shame. Mom took Mary's panties and put them in her purse. Then she got a safety pin from the store clerk and pinned the hem of Mary's skirt up to her shoulders. Now anyone that looked in Mary's direction would be able to tell that she had been given a good spanking.

Mom purchased the paddle and we left the store. It was getting around lunchtime, and mom asked Jessica and I if would like to eat pizza lunch in the food court at the mall. We of course would like, and told mom as such.

"I want pepperoni." Jessica said.

"Me too!" I added.

"I'll have a Hawaiian Mary piped in."

Mom turned to Mary. "You get what I give you, and I guarantee you that it won't be pizza."

Mom led us to a table and told us to sit while she got all of us something to eat. I watched Mary's face carefully as she sat on the hard chair. She winced slightly as her bum came into contact with the seat.

Mom returned with pizza for herself, Jessica and I. And zoyon for Mary. Mary ate very slowly and kept shifting her weight around on the chair. Mary quickly ended that though, when mom said in a voice loud enough for the entire food court to hear: "Mary, if you don't stop that squirming this instant, I am going to take my new paddle and toast your buns right here, and then put you in the corner until we are done eating."

We finished eating and walked around the mall for a few minutes. Then something attracted mom's attention and she walked off in a new direction. When I saw where she was heading, I began to shake with fear. Mom was heading directly for a SpankMaster!

"What's that doing here?" Jessica asked.

"Well, it looks like it's for parents to use" mom replied.

I looked closer. It was a standard SpankMaster, but with a few modifications. First there were two monitors mounted on top of the unit. They showed a boy in the machine squirming around as a paddle smacked into his little bottom.

When I looked closer, I noticed a slot for credit chips to be inserted. There was also a small speaker to hear the action. Also, this machine was equipped to record the spanking and save it to a data chip, which the parent could keep.

The door opened and a very penitent boy emerged. His father took him by the hand and led him to a nearby bench to sit out a time-out. The spanking didn't look as bad as what someone would get on a special punishment day, but I kind of figured that the machine would be thorough enough.

Mary looked up at mom with pleading eyes. She knew what was about to happen. "No mom, please don't put me in there."

"Why not Mary? If you can give me one good reason I shouldn't put you in there, I won't."

Mary looked at mom with fear. "Cause I'm not a penitatas, and SpankMasters are for penitatas only."

"Sorry, I don't accept that argument. You certainly act like a penitatas with all your lying and manipulating."

The door to the SpankMaster opened and a very hesitant Mary was pushed inside. Mom inserted the required credit chips into the slot and the door shut on Mary's protest. Mom tapped some controls on a console

The two screens above the SpankMaster lit up. One showed Mary from behind, and the other showed Mary from the front. Mary was standing in the machine, facing the round bolster. The machine beeped at Mary and told her to remove her clothes.

The computer waited for 90 seconds. When Mary didn't make a move the computer beeped again and informed Mary (and us in the mall via a small speaker on the outside of the unit) that if she didn't comply within 30 seconds that her punishment would be increased.

Mary started sobbing uncontrollably. After about 20 seconds she realised that she had something to do and began to remove her clothes. We all watched and listened as the machine then instructed Mary to stand in front of the bolster. She did and it started to raise itself to her height. The hand and ankle restraints also moved into place.

The SpankMaster gently forced Mary into position and announced that for the first part of her punishment, she would receive 45 strokes of the stiff paddle. While the machine was saying this, it lowered the selected paddle into position. It was very similar to the one mom just purchased, but slightly smaller.

We all watched as the mechanical arm arced back and delivered a vicious blow to Mary's bare and already reddened bottom. Mary's howls echoed over the speaker, but I thought that the sound emanating from them was nothing in comparison to what the sound was like inside the machine. After all, it would disturb some of the shoppers at the other end of the mall if Mary's howls were heard at regular volume.

I caught a sideways glance towards Jessica. She was staring up at the screen with a big smile on her face. She was mouthing something that I couldn't hear, so I poked her in the ribs and asked her what she was saying.

"I said: 'it's about time you got your just deserts you little witch'".

I resumed looking back up at the screen. The counter on the monitor slowly reached zero and gave Mary two minutes to catch her breath before announcing the second part of her punishment. 20 strokes of the senior school cane!

The machine lowered the cane and lined up its aim. I flinched when the cane was raised and lowered quickly. Mary flinched too, but she didn't go anywhere. The cane went up and down, up and down, about one stroke every 15 seconds. The machine moved the strokes around her bottom and her thighs so that when round two was finished, Mary's bottom and now the tops of her thighs were a bright red, with loads of angry red welts.

Mary was completely broken now and just lay there as the SpankMaster announced the third part of her punishment. 70 whacks with the flexible paddle. The paddle rose and fell quickly, about one smack per second. Mary was no longer howling and just took her smacks. Only the cracks of the paddle and Mary's heaving sobs could be heard.

The machine put the paddle away, opened the door and released Mary's bonds. Mary practically fell out of the SpankMaster and into mom's arms. She was a wreak! Her face was red and tear-streaked and her bottom and thighs were covered with blisters, bruises and welts.

Mom pocketed the data chip, took Mary firmly in one hand, her clothes in the other and with Jessica and I in tow we walked around the mall for a few more minutes. Mary tried to sneak her hand back to rub her bottom, but mom caught her and yelled at her to keep her hand at her sides.

Finally, just before leaving the mall mom took Mary to the bathroom to get dressed and wash her face from where it was all red from all the crying that Mary had done. We left the mall without further incident and went home.


Once in the door mom promptly ordered Mary up to her room. Mary complied, running straight to her room. Jessica and I could hear Mary's sobbing and crying. Jessica and I sat and played in my room, discussing Mary and what she did to us. We decided to ask Mary why she did these things to us.

We knocked lightly on Mary's door. "Go away" she barked.

We ignored her order and walked into the room. "We want to talk to you." I said.

Mary buried her head in her pillow. "I'm not in the mood."

Jessica and I stood there for a moment, listening to Mary's quiet sobbing. Finally I broke the silence.

"Mary" I asked. "Why do you hate us?"

"I don't hate you guys, I just..." Mary trailed off.

"You just what?" Jessica asked.

"It's complicated. You wouldn't understand. You're just a kid."

"We're not really kids and you know it. We just look like it." Jessica pointed out.

Mary grunted in frustration. "You don't get it!"

"How can we get something you won't tell us?" I asked.

"Everything was fine until you guys came along." Mary blurted out.

Jessica crossed her eyes. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Yes, what".

We all turned around to see mom standing in the doorway. She walked in the room and sat on Mary's bed. "Tell me what is wrong".

"Okay, fine!" Mary exclaimed. "I hate the way you pay more attention to Seth and Jessica than you do to me. I'm your flesh and blood and you treat me like I'm second rate!"

We all stood stunned for a moment. Mary was jealous! That is why she was always treating us like garbage. Could it be that simple?

"So you treated them bad and set them up for punishment because you resent them. Is that right?" mom asked.

"Yes." Mary sobbed. Mary moved over and gave mom a hug.

Mom held Mary close and rocked her. "Oh Mary. You know that I love you very much. It doesn't matter how many children are here. I'm sorry if you feel that I'm neglecting you, but you must understand that Seth and Jessica are younger than you are, and also as penitatas they require more supervision and discipline than say a kindern or a voluntaras. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Mary nodded as mom brushed away her tears.

Mom motioned Jessica and I over to her and we all had a long hug on Mary's bed. I don't know how long we really spent there, but it was quite a while.


After spending a good deal of time hugging and making up, mom left us children alone to talk and play. We went to Jessica's room because she had more toys than Mary had. We played with building bricks and dolls and stuff. Playing with the dolls didn't bother me; it was fairly common for boys and girls to play with each other's toys.

We talked most of the afternoon and did a good deal of healing. Mary expressed how sorry she was for setting us up and that she wished she hadn't done it. Jessica and I agreed to forgive her. Mary opened up to us and we saw a side of her we never knew before. Mary could be nice when she wanted to be!

We played right through naptime and continued our talking through dinner. Mom brought dad up to speed on the day's events and after dinner, he played the video clip from Mary's SpankMaster encounter. We all played a game as a family (a rare occurrence, Mary usually didn't want to play) and all three of us kids went to bed at the same time.

That night, as I lay in bed, I thought a great deal about Mary. Perhaps having two big sisters wouldn't be so bad.