Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Hell Week

By Dr. Discipline

Friday September 29, 2778 through Wednesday November 1, 2778

"Hurry up Seth, you'll be late."

Mom stood over me as the girls were getting ready to leave for school. I picked at my breakfast. I was in no real hurry to finish. You see, today I was scheduled for my second special punishment day. Diaspora.

Well, really it was supposed to be my third special day, but I was sick July fourth and couldn't go through with the usual penitatas regime that day. To make up for it though, I knew that all my punishments would be doubled today. All my mechanical punishments that is.

I finally finished my breakfast and mom helped me into my shoes and walked me across the street and to the playground where the spanking machines had been set up last night.

We arrived at the designated spankmaster three minutes early. I inserted the chip that mom gave me into the slot on the door. I stepped inside when it opened. The door closed and locked behind me.

The machine beeped at me and told me to take off all my clothes and place them in the slot on the door. I did as I was told quickly and quietly. Despite being naked, I was quite warm.

[Beep]. "Please stand in front of the panel."

I hated the computer voice. It sounded vaguely female and there was no feeling in it. I stood in front of the round bolster and watched as it lowered itself to the height of my hips. I knew the drill even though I had never been through it. Jessica had told me everything I would need to know.

I raised my arms and slipped my wrists through the bands meant to restrain them. I did the same with my ankles. The computer contracted the bands to secure my wrists and ankles so I couldn't move. When the bonds were sung the machine gently pulled me into the spanking position. Padded bars at my back and on the backs of my knees made sure I was immobile.

The computer beeped again and said: "Seth Peterson, convict number 261791340, age five. Computing punishment."

After a moment the computer beeped and said: "Punishments will be doubled due to missed special punishment day. I sighed at the news as the computer continued: "Part 1... thirty-five strokes with the flexible paddle. Punishment doubled to seventy strokes. Prepare yourself."

I tensed up as one of the monitors illuminated to show my bottom. A small black paddle was being lowered on a mechanical arm towards my bottom. I watched on the screen as the paddle was brought back and then down in a quick motion across my bottom.

The first swat hurt a lot, but it wasn't as bad as mom's spoon. I started my crying and begging right off the bat. The paddle continued to smack into my bottom, about one smack every few seconds. After about 20 swats my bum was really burning.

My eyes had blurred with tears and my nose was running like crazy. By the 40th swat of the flexible paddle I was in a total mass of pain. I couldn't struggle at all and had to simply lay there and accept the swats.

Finally the computer finished giving me the 70 swats with the flexible paddle. Though it took me a minute to realise it. Just as I had calmed down somewhat, the computer announced: "Part two... twelve strokes of the nursery cane. Punishment doubled to twenty-four strokes. Prepare yourself."

I paled and grew very scared at this point. The one and only time I had the nursery cane was extremely painful. I glanced down to the screen and saw the mechanical arm lowering the 50-cm cane towards my bottom.

I closed my eyes as tightly as I could as the cane was raised. I felt a line of fire across my bottom near my thighs. I howled and tried to escape my punishment. The cane was excruciatingly painful! I tried desperately to avoid the blows but I was held tightly by my bonds.

The machine finished my caning by giving me the final swat across my thighs. I howled again as I felt the line of fire just below my buttocks. The machine waited a minute before it announced the final part of my punishment. "Part three... twenty-two strokes with the stiff paddle. Punishment doubled to forty-four strokes. Prepare yourself."

I again looked down at the monitor to see a paddle the same size as the paddle I'd gotten for Easter. I sobbed a bit as the paddle was being lowered to my red, hot and welted bottom. I had been broken by the machine during my caning and didn't even try to fight this part of my punishment.

When the paddle cracked into my tender butt I found the energy to scream and cry. The paddle was unbearable over the welts from my previous punishments. I cried very hard in my secured position as the paddle mercilessly impacted my backside.

Finally the machine finished my punishment and announced it was over. The computer released the bonds and unlocked the door. I flew out of the spankmaster and across the park and into mom's arms, not caring that I had forgotten my clothes and that I was completely naked.

But instead of getting the comfort and consoling that I wanted, mom took home and put me on the cornerstool. She locked the ankle restraints and walked away from me.

My bottom and thighs felt like I sat on a hot barbecue. The cornerstool wasn't helping things either. After just 10 minutes on the stool I was a very penitent little boy. I cried to myself in misery and self-pity. My second special punishment day was everything it was supposed to be. Pure 100% hell.

After a full hour on the stool, mom gave me a plate of vrachnia and a fork. She told me that I wasn't coming off the stool until after I had eaten all my lunch.

I sat on the stool and ate my lunch like a good little boy. When I finished every last bite mom let me off the stool and escorted me up the stairs and to my bedroom. She put a level II pair of bee-riefs on me and motioned me to lie in the bed.

"I don't like putting you down for your nap so soon after lunch." mom said. "But I think that is best for you, just for today."

Mom put the sheet over me and handed me my teddy bear. I held Ted tightly and closed my eyes. There was no way I could sleep with the fire in my bottom. I cried silently to myself as I thought why I had done this.

"It's not worth this." I thought. "Sure, the hugging and snuggling are nice, and the regular spankings are tolerable, but the corner time is hell and these bloody special days are killer." I cried harder and clutched Ted as tightly as I could.

"And the control and the rules weren't so bad at first, but now it's getting to be too much. I can't watch the jet pod racing series when it looks like a human is finally going to win. Going to bed when it's still light out sucks."

I was crying fairly hard at that point and just stopped thinking coherently. I had bits of songs going through my head and other random things. I hadn't had a wink of sleep when mom came up to 'wake' me.

Mom left the door open but I just continued lying in bed. I didn't feel like moving. The girls came home from school and Jessica came up to see me, just as she always did.

"Hey, what's up?" she asked.

"Nothing. I feel miserable."

"That's to be expected today." Then Jessica hit her forehead. "I forgot... you had your Diaspora doubled, didn't you?"

"Yes. You know I wasn't expecting it to be this bad."

"Special punishment days are supposed to be bad" Jessica pointed out.

"That's not what I meant. I mean that the novelty has worn off. I don't want to be a penitatas anymore.

Jessica looked confused. "What do you mean?"

I heisted for a moment and then suddenly I blurted out: "I committed my crime on purpose."

Jessica's jaw dropped open. "You've got to be kidding. Why on Earth would you do something like that?"

"It's a long story."

Jessica made a sweep of her arm. "Evidently we have the time."

I grimaced at her pun and let out a long sigh. "I wanted to be a kid again. My life sucked. I wanted to take a break for a few years and have another go at it."

"So, why not just rejuve voluntarily?"

"Because I didn't have the money. As I am sure you know, you have to post a bond with the APP before taking your rejuve. The bond has to be sufficient to cover expenses for your entire upbringing. I wanted to rejuve to eight years old."

"How much would you have needed?"

"Well, the current rate is 400 credits a month. Now when you post your bond, you get interest on your balance. I worked out the cost of the bond to being just under 37,000 credits."

"That is quite a bit of money. Don't you have any relatives or anything?"

"No. I have no family besides my biological mother. I was 28 years old and all alone. No brothers, no sisters, nothing.

Jessica looked puzzled. "Why didn't you go to your mother?"

"At first I thought that she wouldn't want to raise me again. But when I went to her place she offered to take me away with her. I could have gone with her, if I'd have just asked."

"Okay" Jessica said. "But why would you even want to rejuve at 28? You just became an adult and you wanted to be a kid again?"

"Again, because my life was the pits. I hated my job, I had no girlfriend or anything. I wanted to be with someone so bad that I didn't care who it was. I finally got the idea that if I were a penitatas, I would get the free upbringing and I would have a family. Poof, kill two birds with one stone."

"I think I understand now. So now you are a penitatas, which is what you wanted, but now you don't want it anymore. Right?"

"Yes. I bit off more than I could chew. The problem is I can't tell anyone either."

"Why not?"

"Do you know what happens to people to commit a crime intentionally to get a free rejuve?"

Jessica shook her head.

"They make you pay for the entire thing." For me, that would be 31 years worth of upbringing. At 400 credits a month for 372 months. You know how much money that is?" I didn't wait for an answer. "It's nearly 150,000 credits! I already figured it out"

Jessica whistled. "And of course there would be interest on top of that."

"No" I told her. "The law says that no one can be charged interest while they are a minor. That money will start to collect interest once I turn twenty-one though. Now on the other hand, companies have to pay you interest on money that you have when you are a minor, even if you're a penitatas. That is why an APP bond collects interest."

"Really? I didn't know that."


Jessica looked around for a minute. "Well, you can tell a Regillian. They're great! You can tell them anything and they keep it secret."

I nodded. "Maybe I will tell my counsellor when I visit him."

Jessica and I decided we had enough talk and asked mom if we could play in the backyard before dinner. She said yes.


After dinner, mom suggested that we watch some of the holo recordings that had been made on my trip to Legget II. Mom said that I looked a little depressed and could use the cheer-up.

In one clip, I was featured having fun in a park, playing on monkey bars and swinging and generally being a five-year-old. We were watching for about five minutes when dad suddenly sat up straight and froze the image with a verbal command to the playback unit.

The image froze on a close-up of me, upside-down on the monkey bars. "Enlarge and enhance grid gamma four" he commanded.

The holo followed his command. A small square appeared and enlarged to fill the entire image area. The chunky image quickly cleared up. An extreme close-up of my hand was showing. My hand, with the silver 'K' on its back.

I swallowed hard as all eyes turned towards me. "Care to explain that?" mom asked.

What could I say? I told them the whole story. The trip to the corrections centre, moogie's friend, everything. When I was done I was taken to bed and tucked in for the night. I was really surprised that I didn't get a spanking.

Mom woke me up the next morning and told me that we were going to court the day after tomorrow. She explained that interfering with a penitatas sentence is a crime and that moogie would have to answer for it. I was worried that moogie was going to get into trouble - just so I could have some fun.


I spent the next 48 hours sitting on pins and needles. I found out that I wasn't being charged with anything, but that also worried me. That meant that moogie was going to take the full brunt of whatever was going to happen.

When the time for the court case arrived I was a mass of nerves. I was called as a witness and answered a few questions. After my testimony I was allowed to watch the proceedings. Finally it was over and my moogie was found guilty of 'interfering with a penitatas sentence'.

Then the judge said the words that would echo in my mind for years to come: "I sentence you to two cycles of eight to eleven, in the hopes that you will learn an appreciation for the penitatas system and what it means."

Moogie put her head down. "Yes sir" she managed to say.

"Also, you are not to have any contact with Seth Peterson until his sentence is finished."

"What" I cried. "No, please don't take my moogie away from me."

Moogie asked the judge if she could have a moment with me before she was taken away. "One minute" the judge told her.

Moogie came over and picked me up. "It's okay Seth. I'll be all right. I want you to be good for your parents and I want you to follow the rules and learn from your mistake. I love you Seth and no one can take that away from me. I will think of you all the time."

Moogie was crying by the time the judge told her that time was up. A bailiff took me from moogie and another took moogie away. I cried and begged for my moogie but no one listened to me. I fought the bailiff by kicking him and hitting his shoulder with my fists. Unfortunately, he had a decisive size advantage over me.

I was handed over to mom who carried me out of the courtroom with me still kicking and hitting and crying. Mom calmly carried me to the car, strapped me in my seat and drove away from the courthouse while I was bawling my eyes out.

When we got home, mom let me out of the hovercar and I immediately bolted into the house and upstairs to my bedroom. I slammed the door and flopped down on my bed and cried. And cried and cried and cried. Imust have been there for a long time because mom came up and brought me dinner. I didn't feel like eating and didn't move off my bed.

I spent the whole evening in my room crying to myself. Mom came up when it started to get dark and collected my untouched dinner. Mom dressed me for bed with no help from me whatsoever. I was gently tucked in to bed for a night of tossing, turning and crying. All I could think about was moogie.


I got up and dressed myself the next morning before mom came into my room. I said nothing to her or to Jessica as they came in to check in on me.

I spent the entire day in my bedroom, sitting in the window looking out at the world. Mom brought me my meals but I didn't touch them. Each time mom would collect the plate of food without saying a word to me. The only time I moved was when I had to go to the bathroom and when I had the glass of juice that mom had brought with my lunch.

Mom tried her best to get me to eat something. She brought a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk sometime in the middle of the afternoon. I ignored the treat. If anything, it just made me feel worse. Cookies and milk is what moogie would give me when I was feeling down. I burst into another fit of crying.

When it started getting dark I changed into pyjamas crawled into bed myself before mom came up. I pretended to sleep as she kissed me on the forehead and adjusted the sheets around me, tucking me in. When she left my room I clutched Ted closer and cried until I fell asleep, thinking about moogie and what she was doing. If she was getting spanked or what.

I also thought about her offer to take me away and leave the Confederation. I wished I'd taken her up on her offer. In addition I also felt terrible that everything that was happening was all my fault. "If only I'd never did that dammed crime" I thought to myself.


On the third day I again got up myself, but this time was different. Yesterday I felt nothing but sorrow and depression. Today I was angry!

I was angry at the system for what it did to my moogie and me. After a while, I could feel my blood start to boil. I needed a release and I needed it now. My eyes darted around the room and finally fell on Jack sitting in the corner.

I grabbed Jack by the arm and pulled him up. The doll's program activated and Jack started crying that he was sorry and didn't want a spanking. I placed him face down on my bed and stood over him. I started to lower his pants and underwear and spank his bare bottom with my hand.

Jack's bum started to glow a faint pink as my hand smacked into his soft plastaflesh bottom. The spanking was working for me. I started to feel a little better as I heard Jack's crying and begging to be a good little boy. But after about three minutes of hand spanking something in me snapped.

I grabbed my Spanking Sammy special spanking paddle and raised it high. I let out a scream and started wailing on Jack's bare bottom as hard and as fast as I possibly could. Jack in turn began screaming bloody murder as I beat his bottom as hard as I could with the paddle.

Jack's bum quickly turned a very dark shade of red. When I didn't think his bum couldn't get any redder, I began paddling his thighs. Jack's screaming reached new heights as I gave him a spanking as severe as any penitatas ever had.

After about 15 minutes of very hard and very fast spanking I began to run out of steam. After a few more swats I couldn't spank anymore, my arm was too sore. I stood over Jack panting, sweating and crying as Jack's screaming continued.

"Are you okay Seth?"

I turned to see mom standing in the doorway. I dropped my paddle and ran straight to her. She knelt down and picked me up and held me tightly in her arms. I cried into her bosom as she comforted me.

Mom carried me down to the living room and sat in the rocking chair and held me while rocking. When I calmed down mom again asked me what was wrong.

I wiped away a final tear and shrugged.

"Are you feeling better now?"

I nodded.

"That was some spanking you gave Jack. It sounded like you were killing him."

Again I sat there and made no movement or sound.

"You look hungry, how about some lunch?"

Now THERE was an idea. I nodded so hard I thought I was going to give myself whiplash. Not eating in two days can really give you an appetite. Mom set me down on my feet and went into the kitchen to make me some lunch. I noticed Mrs. Franklin from next door sitting on the couch. I waved to her silently.

I sat in the chair mom pulled out for me and ate my grilled cheese and drank my milk quickly. I finished and asked mom for another.

"No. Not right now, after your nap. You haven't eaten in two days and I don't want you to get a tummy-ache."

I sat on the floor and nodded. She was right after all. I took out my colouring book and crayons and coloured until Mrs. Franklin left and mom took me for a short afternoon nap. Since I slept most of the morning away it really wasn't necessary, but mom said that she wanted to keep me in my routine.

I felt a lot better after my nap. Mom gave me a snack consisting of a sandwich, milk and two cookies which succeeded in lifting my spirits even further. At dinner that night the whole family including Mary told me how nice it was to have me back.

During bath time I offered an apology to mom on my dismal behaviour the previous few days.

"It's okay Seth, I forgive you. I know that you were hurting a lot inside and didn't mean it."

Mom finished bathing us and told me to wait in my room in the corner while she prepared Jessica for bed. I sobbed a bit but complied. I figured I was due for a bedtime spanking tonight, considering that hadn't had a spanking for a few days and also because of my behaviour the past few days and at the courthouse.

After a few minutes, mom entered my room and ordered me over to her.

I of course did as I was told to and stood to mom's right side. She picked me up, placed me over her lap and patted my bottom with her hand a couple of times. [SMACK] The smack from my blue hairbrush took my breath away. Before I could react I felt another smack impact my bottom and then another.

I cried over mom's lap as she spanked my bottom into a tiny ball of fire. I kicked my little feet and begged her to stop the pain, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

"You need this" mom told me. "You still have not let go of all the emotions you have bottled up inside you."

I threw my head about and struggled against her as she continued to spank me. My bottom was very hot and soon I gave up my struggle and just lay over her lap and accepted the spanking. A few minutes after that, mom finally stopped spanking me and cuddled me still naked on her lap as she quieted me down.

Soon I was feeling very content, relaxed and secure. Mom's gentle rocking and even gentler words had put me into an almost blissful state. I fell asleep shortly after mom tucked me in with my special comfort blanket. But before that happened I thought about how much she really did care about me.