Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr
Ayumi glomping Conan

-64 points

Ayumi Yoshida

female human japanese; 3'0"; 15 Kg; SM -2; Age 7

Attributes: ST 6 [-40]; DX 8 [-40]; IQ 8 [-40]; HT 10 [0].

Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d-4/1d-3; BL 7.2 lbs.; HP 7 [2]; Will 8 [0]; Per 8 [0]; FP 10 [0]; Basic Speed 4.50 [0]; Basic Move 4 [0].

Advantages:Absolute Timing [2]; Appearance: Beautiful [12]; Charisma (1)† [5]; Cultural Famility: Japan [0]; Daredevil [15]; Reputation (+1) (Member of the Shounen Tantei Dan [Beika residents, Occtionally) [2]; Patron (Parents) [30]; Talent (Smooth Operator)* (1) [15.]

Detective Boys Com-Badge (Telecommunication (Radio) Detect (Exact location of other units, out to 20 km) Breakable (DR 2) -25%] Size Mod -9 0%, Can be Stolen (unopposed DX roll) -40% [6]
Wristwatch (Flashlight) [1].

Disadvantages: Congenial [-1]; Crush on Conan [-1]; Curious (12-) [-5]; Dead Broke [-25]; Pacifism: Reluctant Killer =-5]; Sense of Duty (Friends and Family) [-5]; Social Stigma (Minor) [-5].

Skills: Acting*(A) IQ-4 [0]-4; Area Knowledge (Beika) IQ-0-8 [1]; Bicycling (E) DX-0 [1]-8; Diplomacy* IQ-2 [1]-7; Fishing Per-0 [1]-8; Housekeeping (E) IQ-0 [1]-8; Leadership*† IQ-1 [1]-9; Public Speaking*† IQ-5 [0]-5; Sports (Baseball) DX-1 [1]-7; Sports (Soccer) DX-1 [1]-7; Swimming (E) HT-0 [1]-10.

Notes: Ayumi is the driving force behind the Shounen Tantei Dan (Detective Boys). Determined to befriend the stand-offish new transfer student to her first grade class, Conan Edogawa. She and her two followers, Mitsuhiko and Genta, follow Conan home and discover he is living with the Detective Kogorou Mouri, which due to her adventurous nature makes her even more determined to be his friend. She quickly develops a crush on Conan, much to the sharang of Mitsuhiko and Genta. This crush is continue to survive Conan obvious preference for the much older Ran Mouri.

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.
Adaptation by roguebfl