Heidi and Jeorg

Ron Wilson

Heidi looked like that sugar and spice girl that everybody loved, but looks can be deceiving! All girls, big or little, never forget! Heidi was no exception! Two years ago, Jeorg had told her momma something she had done and then stood there grinning as her pretty little dress and panties came off for a long hand spanking!

When her big sister told her that she was going to look after Jeorg when his family took overnight business trips, she couldn’t wait to plot her revenge! Hilda was a no-nonsense big sister and Heidi had been over her knees a few times too!

She kept a keen eye on him and the first time he stepped out of line, she “hotfooted” it to tell her sister! Then she conveniently reappeared, just before the fireworks started! Poor Jeorg didn’t know what kind of situation his parents had gotten him into!

He was in for a long hairbrush spanking today, and who knows what tomorrow!